Become Certified PRPC Professional by completing Advanced Pega Training in Pega Training Academy

Course Duration 2.5 Months

Class Room  Training | Online Training

Realtime Oriented PEGA Training in Hyderabad

Course Duration 2.5 Months

Class Room Training | Online Training

Realtime Oriented PEGA Training in Hyderabad

Best PRPC / Pega 8 Training in Hyderabad

Pega Training Academy is pioneer in PEGA Rules Process Commander education and offering the practical training as per industry standards. Our comprehensive Pega  course will help you master the subject in theory and practical. Our course includes different modules of Pega. We deliver the PRPC Pega 8 training in classroom, video and online mode. We are offering both Weekdays and Weekends Classes for PRPC. We also provide job placements assistance for students for better career opportunities.

Our Key Features

Industry Validated Syllabus

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Student Centric Training Method

pega training academy Student Centric

Live Experiments

pega training academy live experiment

Certification Support

pega training academy support

Resume Building

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Career Development & Career Counseling

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Pega BPM Overview

Pega is an advanced application to solve the Business problems by automating Organizations Business Process. Application development process become very smoother and faster compare with traditional application development platform. Industry specific BPM Applications developed by the PEGA are works faster than other application and able to provide services to external applications and also integrate with external environment.

Pega Course Overview:

In this course, individual learn the core principles of application development on the Pega 8 platform. Business users and delivery team members use these principles to collaboratively plan and deliver business applications faster and more accurately for maximum business value. Hands-on exercises help solidify your understanding of these core principles.
The hands-on exercises guide you in exploring how to build a working prototype of a business application that mirrors the way business people naturally think about how work gets done.

PEGA Course Modules

❱ Introduction to BPM
❱ Introduction to PRPC
❱ Pega 8.3 Software Installation

❱ Operator ID
❱ Creating Application
❱ Creating Rule Set
❱ Ruleset Versions
❱ Creating Users & Portals

❱ Application Profiler
❱ Application Accelerator
❱ Application Express

❱ Types of Classes
❱ Creating Abstract Class
❱ Creating Concrete Class
❱ Selecting Class Structure

❱ Creating Data Tables
❱ Types of Properties & Models
❱ Creating Properties
❱ Change the Appearance of a property
❱ Create Embedded Properties

❱ Create a Section
❱ Create a Section Containing Multiple Layouts
❱ Adding a Section to a Flow Action
❱ Calling another Section in a Section
❱ Selecting the Layout
❱ Creating Flow Action
❱ Creating Harness

❱ Different Shapes used in Flow & their purpose
❱ Create Main Flow/Process flow
❱ Create a Sub-flow/Screen flow
❱ How to run the flow or creating work object
❱ Create Tabbed/Tree navigation Screen Flow
❱ Call a Sub-flow from another flow or from same flow
❱ Design and Implement Screen flow
❱ How to select Screen flow types

❱ Create a Dynamic Select Control
❱ Repeat Layout (Row/Column)
❱ Conditionally display a Section

❱ Explain the purpose of different taps in Activity
❱ Understand purpose of Pages & Classes
❱ Different Methods used in Activities
❱ How to call Activity from another activity
❱ Different ways to call Activities
❱ Types of Activities

❱ Types of Validations
❱ Rule-Edit-Validation
❱ Rule-Obj-Validation
❱ Constraints
❱ Difference between Rule-Edit-Validation and Rule-Object-Validation
❱ Difference between ROV & Constraints

❱ Decision Table
❱ Decision Tree Calling Decision Rules in Flow
❱ Calling Decision rules in Expressions

❱ Declare Expressions
❱ Declare Constraints
❱ Declare On Change Declare Pages

❱ Create an Activity with a precondition and a Transition
❱ Create an Activity to populate a Dynamic Select
❱ Creating activity for Calling SOAP Services

❱ Introduction on Routing
❱ To Work List
❱ To Work Basket

❱ Define an SLA
❱ Assigning SLA to Assignment
❱ Testing SLA

❱ Creating Work-Party
❱ Adding Work-party to Flow

❱ Clipboard
❱ Tracer
❱ Preflight
❱ Brace

❱ Check-in/Check-Out Functionality
❱ How to Send a Correspondence (E-mail)
❱ Configuring E-mail (Inbound/Outbound)
❱ Creating Work Group/Work basket
❱ Agents
❱ Reports
❱ Migration/Deployment (Import & Export)
❱ Documenting the Application
❱ Connecting to External Database Using Connect-SQL
❱ How to Use Dynamic SQL When connecting to External DB
❱ Configuring Web Services (SOAP)
❱ Integration Connect & Service SOAP
❱ New Features in Pega 8
❱ Difference between Versions
❱ PRPC Guardrails
❱ Direct Capture of Objectives
❱ Project Implementation Methodology

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